Market new homes more efficiently, more powerfully and more profitably with responsive emails that drive engagement.

Build better emails.

CARPENTER by Spark is a powerful email marketing tool that makes it easy to build responsive email templates in Spark’s platform. No coding required.

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Plenty of design options.

A straightforward widget system for creating email templates.

Track your progress.

Beautiful emails are only the half of it. Understanding their effectiveness is the other.

Email traffic stats

Keeping the feature set simple & powerful

Emails preview

In-editor Mobile Preview

Instantly see how your template looks on all devices.
Emails drag

Draggable Widgets

Quickly rearrange your widgets by dragging them up and down.
Emails merge

Merge Tags

Personalize your message with recipient names using merge tags.
Emails wysiwyg

Simplified WYSIWYG

Why clutter the WYSIWYG with the kitchen sink? We kept what’s needed.
Emails fullwidth

Full Width Backgrounds

Fill the entire width with a colour for each widget, or just one.
Emails button

Button Creator

Create bulletproof buttons without images that work in all clients.
Emails export

Export HTML

Build a basic template, then export to let your designer polish it for you.
Emails test

Test from Carpenter

Go ahead - test as many times as you like with just one click.