More than just a CRM

Modern real estate software for the modern new home builder

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We don’t want to confine Spark to the attributes of a 'traditional' CRM.

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Marketing & Inventory Reporting

Our software allows easy access to the information you want. Generate leads, track inventory, manage home and condo sales and send instant PDF reports – and keep it simple by doing it all in one place.

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Email Marketing & Template Design

Schedule, send, evaluate and adjust your email marketing. We include a custom template builder, Carpenter , which designs responsive emails with a visual wow-factor.

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Flexible Lead Capture

Personalize our built-in forms and update anytime without your web developer, or implement a fully custom solution using the code we provide. Automatically filter realtors and agents from incoming leads.

Simple while being fully featured

Contact & Inventory Management

Managing information manually is a thing of the past. Create smart groups for contacts that automatically update as you go. Track real estate inventory and contracts with our robust set of tools.

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What else makes Spark different?

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Industry Specific Features

Event RSVPs, Stacking Plans, and more: all built for the industry.
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Rapid Updates

Weekly (sometimes daily) software updates crafetd by user feedback.
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Custom Branded Experience

Company and project branding to make Spark feel like your own.
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Balance of Form & Function

Clean, intuitive interfaces, designed to be comfortable to use every day.
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Extended Support

Support for the basic problems, advice for more complicated issues.
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Streamlined Reporting

Information that is easy to digest and can be emailed with a click.
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Macro Level Views

A broader perspective of the projects under your umbrella.
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A Dedicated Team

We're driven to deliver a product that meets the needs of a changing market.