Capture leads from every source

Sell your real estate development in no time. Track leads by building, designing and implementing effective registration forms in Spark.

Take control over online forms

Design forms with user-experience in mind. Form design should be centred around the needs of homeowners and buyers, not the limitations of software.

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Keep communication clear and development quick

Send raw code to developers, embed an iFrame into your site or use Spark’s default public registration page to quickly track leads.

Regi custom

Custom Embed Code

Regi default

Spark’s Default Page

Regi iframe


Boost power and maximize customization.

Regi feature source

Track your Sources

Set up a source question, so we can help you report on which ones work best.
Regi feature questions

Choose your Questions

Add, remove or edit questions on your live registration page inside Spark.
Regi feature multiple

Multiple Forms

Use multiple forms to allow you to better track where registrations originate.
Regi feature optin


Let Spark help you opt-in new leads, to keep your database safe and compliant.
Regi feature notifications


Select who gets notified of both new and duplicate registrations.
Regi feature drag

Drag and Drop Widgets

Control the look of the form by choosing which widgets to add and in what order.
Regi feature thankyou

Automatic Thank You Emails

Choose your template, customize it and never worry about it again.
Regi feature send

Send your Code

Streamline communication with your web agency and send your code with a click.