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Data you can see and understand

The pulse of your real estate development business is only a click away, with in-depth reporting on traffic, sales, inventory and demographics.

  • Traffic & Marketing Sources

    Generate reports to track marketing initiatives. Use graphs to supplement your data on Sales Center traffic, returning visitors and web registrations.

  • Inventory Sales Breakdown

    Get better insight into how your project is selling. Spark provides a segmented analysis on all your unit sales within a few clicks. No spreadsheets required.

  • Sales Rep Activity

    Who’s your top seller? Measure interactions by day, week or month to see how your representatives are performing.

    Spark covers all your key metrics.

    Returning Visitors

    Find the clients that keep coming back, and act directly from the report.

    Realtor Visits

    Effortlessly observe how many agents have registered and seen your project.

    Top Marketing Source

    We'll tell you where you're spending and how well your dollars are performing.

    Sales Center Walk-throughs

    How many walk-throughs did you do this week? What about the last 21 days?

    Sales Rep Activity

    Sometimes the most active reps aren't the best performing reps.

    Average PPSF

    What's your realized PPSF on sold units vs available units? Is your average up?

    Inventory Breakdown

    Break down your sales by type, status, or number of bedrooms or bathrooms.

    Upcoming Deposits

    Find out how much you have due in 30 days, 90 days, or a year from now.